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Malka Sima welcoming you

SomaSoul Therapy

By deepening your capacity to truly listen to your physical and emotional body, you gain access to more calm, joy, and vitality.


Within the safe and compassionate container of our sessions, we will explore the painful or difficult emotions and stress reactions that are stored in your body, and learn how to tend to, care for, and gain wisdom from your body’s emotional experience. 


The focus shifts from your thoughts (that can get caught in worry, obsession, strategizing, and overthinking) to discovering unmet needs, creating healthy boundaries, and leaning into more intimacy with yourself, others, and Hashem.

  • Transform and heal emotional distress, that is held in the body and nervous system, in a mindful, compassionate, and prayerful way.

  • Learn Torah and Somatic healing practices that will help you navigate toward calm and loving presence despite the external circumstances.

  • Shed light on limiting beliefs, access more free choice, and delight in your most authentic self.

  • Learn to listen to your body and soul’s wisdom, tap into your Ruach haKodesh/Divinely Inspired Intuition, and make the most spiritually productive decisions in any given moment.

Therapeutic Touch (For In-Person Clients)

Relational touch (as taught by Shirley Dvir) is a touch that centers on the relationship between therapist and client. It is a safe, ethical, embodied, non-doing type of touch within psychotherapy. Ongoing verbal and nonverbal consent is essential and of the utmost importance. This form of hands-on touch happens in conjunction with ongoing verbal exchange to support the unfolding emotional process. Using relational touch, we can directly contact the psychology that lives in your physiology. I’m able to let you know, somatically, that I am here.

One of the modalities used is Craniosacral therapy (CST), a gentle touch therapy that promotes the body's natural healing capacities.  CST releases restrictions in the muscles and fascial tissues, promoting health and alleviating stress.  The gradual release of chronic tensions inside the body can significantly improve both physical and mental well-being.  

It is a safe, ethical, and embodied type of touch.  Ongoing verbal and nonverbal consent is essential and of the utmost importance.  Touch is done while the client is fully clothed, and primarily for the comfort of the therapist, a massage table is typically used.

Heart-to-Heart Connections

Safe and compassionate space for healing

In a matter of minutes, Malka Sima makes space for a deep place of discomfort that lives within me.  Her presence and guidance facilitate me to move through it, to uncover a greater more expansive wisdom within myself that can both hold the pain and transform it and me at the same time. I’ve never experienced healing like this before and I am ever so grateful for it.  

Michal Oschman, Creator of Inner Tiferet Workshops

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