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Moonlit Circle:  Heartfelt Torah in Authentic Community

When you’re looking for a tangible connection to Hashem, Torah, and community, when you’re thirsty to show up in your spiritual journey with authenticity, our Moonlit Circle welcomes you. 


Moonlit Circle takes you beyond your intellect to a process of self-discovery that is a must in the quest to draw closer to your Creator.  Join us and open your heart, mind, body, and soul to the treasures of ancient Torah wisdom (aligned with the spiritual path of Sarah Yehudit Schneider), neuroscience, and Somatic therapeutic practices for growth, healing, and transformation.  

The path to personal and collective Geula happens in connection with others.  With that in mind, we have created a safe space where you can see and be seen, in a caring and compassionate way.  Enter into a more healthy and intimate relationship with yourself, others, and the Divine as you are received just as you are.


Join our spiritual community for healing and transformation


women joining together in creative expression

“The experience of the Moonlit Circle was extremely beneficial to me.  I found that the time I spent with the group, and the sharing that we did, was actually life-changing. Doing this important self-work, in a safe space, has been beyond my expectations and I feel so much lighter and more connected as a result.”

Lucy Rome

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul“ 

Martha Graham

Shake Your Soul® is a movement practice that relaxes your nervous system, energizes your body, and awakens your soul through a powerful, fluid dance repertoire set to world music.


Join our creative and joyful community, in the sacred space where communion is found between body and soul. No experience necessary!


With Malka Sima Pais

Classes take place in-person and via Zoom 
Dates to be Finalized

Activating The Spiritual Potential Of The Jewish Calendar 

Make your religious practice come alive with spiritual intention, as you prepare for the chagim and tune into the unboundless potential of the Jewish yearly cycle.  Join us as we explore ancient Torah wisdom, neuroscience, and Somatic therapeutic practices for healing and transformation.


With Malka Sima Pais  and Chana Vered

Receiving Your Soul's Unique Torah

with Malka Sima and Guest Speaker, Meira Raanan

Activating the Spiritual Potential of Sivan

with Chana Vered Coren

Moonlit Circle Team

Malka Sima.png

Malka Sima Pais

MS Cornell University, 1997

Registered Somatic and Movement Therapist and Educator
Certified Shake Your Soul Dance Facilitator 

Outreach Coordinator for the Purim High Council   

Director and Lead Educator of Moonlit Circle

Malka Sima’s spirituality and own healing journey guide the way that she moves through the world. She acknowledges that the mind, body, and spirit are impacted by our life experiences and that all of these aspects of ourselves must be engaged in the healing process. She remains in her own authenticity while helping others feel safe and secure enough to allow in more love, connection, and freedom. In 1999, Malka Sima graduated from Cornell University, where she studied Community Development, and became director of a grassroots organization in the inner-city of Milwaukee, WI. She was ready for a break, and what she thought would be an around-the-world-backpacking trip, turned into a life-changing, root-planting, tshuva-inspiring move to Israel. She now lives in the Golan Heights with her beloved husband and two lively teenage children. Malka Sima brings her playfulness, compassionate heart, embodied presence, and appreciation for each person’s unique soul expression to all that she does. She strives to slow down and connect to G!d consciousness in every moment. Her own struggles with trauma and life-threatening illness led her to become a certified SomaSoul® Somatic and Movement Therapist and Educator, and Shake Your Soul® Dance Facilitator, where she guides women (both individually and in groups) towards calm, joy, and vitality. In her SomaSoul Therapy practice, she integrates the power of Body-Centered Gestalt Psychotherapy and Polyvagal Theory with Torah, the freedom of the expressive arts, movement, safe touch, laughter, meditative presence, thoughtful conversation, and emotional release. She helps her clients to come into profound connection to self, other, and the Holy One; access their Ruach haKodesh (divinely inspired intuition); and become free from what is preventing them from fully engaging in their lives. Malka Sima’s passion for integrating the Kabbalistic teachings of Sarah Yehudit Schneider with neuroscience and Somatic therapeutic practices inspired her to spearhead Moonlit Circle: Heartfelt Torah in Authentic Community. She creates a safe, compassionate space for women to come together. Her goal: to bring personal and collective geula where transformation comes with ease, growth comes through joy, and healing happens on all levels. In her Shake Your Soul Dance classes, she guides a movement practice that relaxes your nervous system, energizes your body, and awakens your soul through a powerful, fluid dance repertoire set to world music. She is a Lead Outreach Coordinator for the Purim High Council: a powerful Meditation, Prayer, and Embodied Movement Happening (created by Sarah Yehudit Schneider). She has empowered hundreds of women around the world to come together in their communities on Purim, harness the powerful lights available on that day, and direct them toward good, healing and Mashiach now. Her Moonlit Circle classes and workshops inspire women to deepen into the Jewish spiritual practices of the Purim High Council throughout the year.

Chana Vered Coren

Project Coordinator and Lead Educator of Moonlit Circle Project Coordinator of the Purim High Council

Project Creator of My Jewish

Creator of

Chana Vered is a passionate Torah Educator, Inspirational Speaker and Spiritual Guide, weaving her love of Jewish wisdom into her post-modern life as a wife, mother, student and teacher. Chana Vered offers practical, relevant and inspiring tools for healing, growth and transformation drawn from the Hebrew Calendar. She runs monthly gatherings for women, combining Torah teachings with energy healing meditations. Chana Vered is the creator of a free online dating platform for Global Jewish singles and - An online directory of Transformational Torah classes for today’s spiritually seeking souls. To access Chana Vered's offerings you can follow her on Instagram (@jewess_on_a_journey), Facebook and Twitter (Chana Vered). and also join her admin-send-only Whatsapp group:

Chana Vered

Bluma Sheindl Bank

Relational Somatic Psychotherapist
Moonlit Circle Workshop Facilitator

Bluma Sheindl is a mother of four, a Relational Somatic Psychotherapist who lives in Moshav Keshet, in the Golan Heights. She is a long-time student of Sarah Yehudit Schneider. She is co-facilitator of the Moonlit Circle workshops held in the Golan, and also helps by writing communications. In her weekly chavruta collaborations with Malka Sima, they learn Sarah Yehudit’s teachings and integrate them with psychotherapy and neuroscience. Bluma Sheindl loves to dance, play the guitar and prune trees. She’s passionate about inviting curiosity, collaboration, ruach hakodesh and circle consciousness. In her psychotherapy practice (Tsfat, the Golan and online), she strives to help women experience the bliss of healing and transformation that integrates down into our bones the faith that ‘everything is for the best’ and reduces the static in our systems so we can begin to listen deeply to what wants to happen and collaborate freely and creatively in the process of our own unfolding. (972) (0)58-4105174;

Sarah Yehudit Schneider

Founding Director of A Still Small Voice


Creator of the Moonlit Circle's Spiritual Path

Director of the Purim High Council Project

Sarah (Susan) Yehudit Schneider is one of our generations’ most unique and vibrant voices. She is recognized by a wide range of Torah scholars, spiritual seekers, teachers and students as an authentic embodiment of Torah learning and living. Her ability to translate abstract and complex concepts into an eloquent and common language as well as her deeply personal and prayerful approach to study, teaching, counseling and living has endeared many to her. Her vital contribution to Torah scholarship, women’s Torah, and the Jewish people as a whole continues to grow daily. Sarah Yehudit has pursued the study and practice of religion, meditation, and comparative mysticism since the early seventies, and since 1981 has lived in Jerusalem and followed an Orthodox path of Jewish observance. She studied at Neve Yerushalayim where she completed the advanced learning program. She wrote and studied privately with Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh, one of our generations’ most respected teachers of Chassidut and Kabbala. Before immigrating to Israel she received her bachelor’s degree in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from the University of Colorado in Boulder and worked as laboratory researcher for Celestial Seasonings Herb Tea Company. She is the founding director of A Still Small Voice, a correspondence school that has enrolled hundreds of students since its inception in 1991. The school provides weekly teachings in classic Jewish wisdom to subscribers around the world. She is the founder of The Golden Thread, a homeopathic remedy based on Torah and kabbalistic sources. Sarah also hosts Meditation Retreats, guiding participants through traditional Jewish meditative practices and instructs them on how to harness the holy lights of Shabbat for healing and transformation. She has recently produced a series of Illustrated Video Teachings on Jewish Meditation that makes these teachings available to a wider audience. They can be viewed in the video section of this website. She is the Director of the Purim High Council Project which is offering women from all over the world an uplifting and game-changing Meditation, Prayer, and Movement Happening on Purim, for the sake of healing, transformation, and Mashiach now. She is also the Spiritual Advisor and author of the Torah teachings that make up the core curriculum of the Moonlit Circle. Sarah Yehudit writes and teaches in close cooperation with leading rabbanim and outreach professionals in Jerusalem. She has written Eating As Tikun, Purim Bursts, Purim Bursts 2, Kabbalistic Writings on the Nature of Masculine and Feminine, Evolutionary Creationism and You Are What You Hate and has published four journal articles in B’Or HaTorah called “The Evolving Feminine”, “Evolution, Form, and Consciousness,” “The Underside of Creative Expression,” and “The Daughters of Tslafchad, Toward a Methodology of Attitude around Women’s Issues.” An expanded version of this last article appears in the anthology, “Torah of the Mothers,” edited by Elper/Handelman, and published by Urim Press. She has also lectured and taught extensively at various institutions and conferences throughout Israel and the US. Sarah Schneider currently resides in Jerusalem’s Old City where she spends her days studying, writing and teaching (both to groups and individuals).

Sarah Yehudit Schneider profile picture
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